Return leaves on a bag and finds PlayStation as your first key investor according to GamesIndustry

After accumulating several successes in recent years, Return digital has decided to take the step and jump to the stock market in search of new capital partners, finding, according to Gamesindustry, A PlayStation as one of its More important investors.

In the words of Fieldfisher, the law firm he advised to return, the Editor of Independent Video Games has received an important strategic investment from a key industry actor, as well as the support of US institutional investors. From Gamesindustry they add that this partner is not another that Sony Interactive Entertainment, with an investment of 5% in the company based in Austin.

At the moment or return digital nor the Japanese hardware manufacturer have confirmed the operation, although it would go on the line of other recent movements of the company, for example, with a minority part of the capital companies of the sector such as Epic Games or, more recently, the discord messaging service.

Market Update: Major Investments From Major Investors, Plus Tech Companies Staking Their Claim

After announcing his plans a few months ago, Return Digital has begun to quote from first time in AIM, an underground of the London Stock Exchange, where he has raised 190 million pounds (224 million euros) to reach a stock market assessment of 694.6 million pounds (819.5 million euros).

Fall Editors Guys and Shadows Warrior

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Return digital is a part involved in some of the greatest successes of the independent scene in recent years, starting with Fall Guys of Mediatonic, but following other videogames as Hotline Miami of Dennaton, Shadow Warrior 2 Flying Wild Hog, or the recent And applauded inscryption by Daniel Mullins.