Retro Games Compatibility Polymega to support Nintendo 64 in the new module!

This short article notes the most marketed computer game all the systems, as well as video games offered even more than a million copies on the different existing platforms.

The other day, PLAYMATE, who had previously announced a new announcement for the retro game compatible machine Polymer, but the new module EM05 Ultra was announced at the overseas media Nintendo Life.

The new module supports the game cartridge of Nintendo game machine Nintendo 64 ( Nintendo 64 ) released in 1996. Controller RC05 Ultra Retro Controller by collaboration with RETRO-BIT is also available.

Polymega System Overview

According to the interviews posted on Nintendo Life, Nintendo 64 is a game where the user is most wanted from the user, and now the option for legally playing Nintendo 64 games owned other than the original body What not existed is the reason for the EM05 ULTRA release decision. For compatibility, at least 90% of the games work almost perfectly at the time of launch, and further increase over time.

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The release time of the new module EM05 ULTRA is currently undecided. In addition, new modules and products that have not yet been announced are still prepared, and the plan of the digital store that has been previously transmitted has also been progressing well.