R6 Siege: Change the command by readers of barcode and other objects: the result is brutal

On the Internet we have seen everything and every time we are surprised fewer things. But this video that we leave you next, with Rainbow Six Siege as the protagonist, we must recognize that it has been pleasantly surprised.

In the account Game logy Asia from Facebook We have found how a user, boring to play with keyboard and mouse or with command has sought new ways to experiment with the Ubisoft shooter. For this, he starts playing with card readers, LED light controls or even barcode pistols. The result, you can see it below.

How 2 Get Banned from R6 Siege (harder than you think)

As you can see, the user competes in clear disadvantage. If those bar codes readers already cost the ATMs of the supermarket on many occasions, imagine how non-useful they are to end the enemies in the popular tactical FPS. But, at this point, we have already seen everything, and who knows if the next thing we see is an R6 champion using a remote control.

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I also wonder if the use of these devices will reach other lands, such as the field of not hit run. I already see that someone is passed by Elder Ring without touching using the air conditioning control and I am depressed.