Pokémon Go: unleashed Schabernback is coming

In Pokémon Go, the season goes to the end of the Schabernback-Pokémon. The big final runs with unleashed Schabernback : The new event starts on November 26, at 10 o'clock, and runs until 29 November, 8pm. Double send sweets wait for you and double Fang EP. In front of the door of Prof. Willows Mobile Lab, a mysterious bottle and a poem appeared. They seem to have something to do with Hoop and contain evidence of a way to change his shape. All this is possible because you are only possible Great relationship with Hoop have built up, writes Ni antic to the event.


The special research will be obtained if you conclude the special research of the season: misunderstood Schabernback. Should not you succeed within the event, you can buy a ticket for 4.99 euros to unlock unleashed Schabernback. You can change Hoops Form after completing the tasks in the second stage of special research unleashed Schabernback. In addition, you should have caught a Hoop and have already made progress in the special research of misunderstood Schabernback to change the form of Hoop. It costs 50 Hoop sweets and 10,000-star dust to change the form of Hoop (banned) to Hoop (unleashed). From unleashed, 10 Hoop sweets and 2,000-star dust are due.

From unleashed Schabernback research you will receive a Hoop T-shirt for your character as a reward. At the end of the season, from the 26th to 29th November daily between 18 and 19 o'clock RAID hours in Pokémon Go take place. The beginning makes a RAID with Arts, Zap dos and Lava dos on November 26th. Heat ran dives a day later, on November 28, there are Region, Regime and Register. On November 29th, she meets Nobelium, Terrarium and Iridium. On the mentioned days ramp light hours are also running from 12 to 13 o'clock, including Pikachu and Reiterate. So it should be worthwhile to pay a visit to the adventure in the coming days.

Via Ni antic

From David Martin editor 25.11.2021 at 13:23