Kung Fu Game Sifu will not start with difficulty options

The death mechanisms of each game have a different impact. In some games, you can simply start again from a checkpoint. With others, you could lose your current inventory or part of your money. In some games, you may need to start again. In Sight, death works a little differently from your average game.

If you know the next local game, you understand that die in Sight is ages your character for a few years. You become too old, you die old. Unfortunately, if the game becomes too difficult, you will only have to Ahem Git GOD, as children say.

In an interview with MP1ST, Executive Producer at Local, Pierre Arno mentioned the challenge that the game will offer players. The community of players often likes to steps safe / dead for different games. Sight can certainly be completed without dying, but it will not be easy.

Arno said the game would not be launched with difficulty options, so what you get is what you have to fight. However, it did not exclude other difficulty options after launching the game.

We want Sight to defy the players and encourages them to learn, improve and adapt. The ability to get up from death will help new players enabling them to fail and try again as they encounter difficulties. But the price of errors will increase rapidly, and to fully finish the game, they will have to master the combat system, says Arno.

Sifu: The First Preview It looks like the bad guys are not the only ones to be hurt. This evil happens earlier than expected, because Local recently repulsed the release date of a few weeks. Sight will be released on 8 February on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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