[Gesta 2021] I will provide an AAA grade game experience Eternal Return

November 19, cacao Games held a meeting at the G-Star had conducted a joint interview with the media about the game being its services. The first start is .

is a game up to 18 players take advantage of the various strategies that eclipsed the battle of one, or one of the last teams. Domestic services have been through Steam, Games, cacao, MS Store. International services are being through steam, MS Store.

Nimble neurons gimnamseok representative thinks that the state can not avoid competition with global AAA game faced a challenge of success in innovation to gain the hearts of global players and Trust is the key. AAA for global players forever changing to provide innovative experiences will, he said.

The interview was conducted by question-and-answer format. Here are a professional interview.

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Future e-sports is the focus duo mode

Q. This Is Game: The duo recently opened a mode oriented competition. League of the future, what put the duo in focus mode?

A. Gimnamseok NYSE: It was good that we saw the best in fun and interesting to see both sides of the duo mode. It will proceed around the duo mode.

Index addition to the fact that we know from the G-Star event match, the solo competition of those who also had a fun skill agenda thought.

Q. Community members have been pointed out as a weakness. It is how to solve plan?

A. via voice chat, pre-configuration team in the game is geek continue to update the form that can be connected with other people.

Outside the community is also an active place, where there is not. Long-term, I think it is important to provide materials that are regularly expectations of the community who realized. The volatilization of the material so far followed, there was a community assessment that the response, such as amateurs. When you visit a community well complemented by attempts to try to come to an interesting material.

Q. of e-sports and advance planning that is done how? And there is also competition in mind, PC room?

A. e to put as much emphasis on sports, of course, it has been a variety of attempts. There was a bar to public e-Sports League Tuesday a pilot project in the community recently, plans have yet to disclose the information shortcomings there while continuing complement.

PC room convention is a format that I really like. But it would not have Corona 19 can start to listen more frequent in earnest. A variety of forms, such as opening an event based on the basic formula league in distress.

Q. What happens is still index early access, to officially launch the roadmap

A. I think still far Bendigo length to go until the official launch. Characters and numbers, Skin numbers, the number of skills and preferences, including top-rated skin thinking more modes or systems that many other gamers who enjoy more widely. It aims to create a wide range of gaming experience.

Lightly light mode to enjoy the has also been developed in this context. As an authorized service point, these factors seem to be naturally made public. One may expect the second half of 2022. To communicate well with MS or cocoa Games Ill tell you at the appropriate time.

Q. What do you think it should be ready for global challenges?

A. promises and user communities. The process promises to realize must listen permeate. Personally, I think it 0 people, or tremors and ringing. I think it should be realized where the global resonance of the case and gamers. A process that expectations are realized.

I think that AAA games keep the process well. Such as e-sports pilot plan, the character update notice that everything is working as part anticipation. How can more effectively share the many stories journals. Game development is also important process innovation.

A personal favorite phrases. Index by the founder of Xiaomi story content is Standing on the trend and path of hurricanes that your participation will make the industry pigs can soar. Community rhythms and cycles of realizing expectations based on authenticity If you can provide a scalable and I think also flew .

Q. Cacao Games, if youre hoping that each bar as MS collaborate with?

A. as want to provide AAA-class service experience to the gamer community. How can you provide expectations realization process, believe that part of such troubled.

South Korea following a performance in North America... and also maintain the current trend updates

Q. Launched in cacao platform and know Genaro Launched in the current MS PC store. What about the current performance?

A. bihaeseon small to big expectations, turned to the user while the graph rising cocoa in the launching platform. The total user rate rose after the MS Store launch. MS and is a part of long-term thinking as great when you first signed a partnership agreement. Personally, I think the subscription model will grow the market, such as the game passes.

And as the game also receives marketing path, more would be an opportunity to inform many gamers.

Q. Weve talking about global competition, regional performance and density How is it?

A. North America and South Korea are good then. Other regions also good to learn the cacao Games and MS Insight is trying to help evolve on the basis of the two regions.

Q. After launching cacao Games Is there a change or changes on sensory indicators? And I wonder whether the North European Service provides a separate client as well as the domestic version.

Can you mention and dedicated local content and event planning, the launch schedule? Update motivation plus the additional characters and content for beginners, then the diversity and the influx of new users is yieojineunga strategic direction?

A. As mentioned earlier could see the many positive effects on the occasion of the launch of South Korea thanks to Hamsun much attention from cacao Games.

North Europe service is being made through a steam MS and stores it to provide a separate client is not yet considered. And are considered more important than building the localized services provided, and how you as a more localized service ileukilkka the 0 people, in the global, the primary concern of getting made an echo. Of course, there is no room to worry if deemed necessary.

How to dedicate local content, event planning, all localized services also launch schedule Girard cause resonance and empathy are addressed in the context. North America / Europe will also begin commercial service during the same period across the entire global.

Our team thinks gotta softness of the influx of new users are closely connected with each other deep sense of the game. The increased influx of new users neulmyeon because existing users who also enjoy more varied and long, deep game, and I think to connect without separating the two. It is going to continue to keep this type of directional updates.

Q. Maddened a user request for a dedicated server Koreans, whats the plan?

A. There is no plan. Separate server integration issues are likely to be based on the gamers experience. LA is not easy issues to take into account the global total. But it will continue to listen if you have a voice.

Q. What do you think I had to content greatly enjoy watching the character modeling?

A. Personally, I also want to make. But when created How much fun? It is one of the headaches. I would rather be thought of whether it is better to separate them how to create a new work.

I think that it is our duty to such a request if the response from the community. Interesting idea is the desire to continue to push realized.

Q. Does the North America / Europe services, as well as the domestic version provides additional client?

A. I mentioned in another question, there is no separate client. There may be provided when it is really necessary decisions.

Q. North America / Europe only local content and event planning, the launch schedule?

A. a previously mentioned information. It will continue efforts to achieve long-term, regular expectations.

Q. In addition to adding character and beginners can increase the diversity of the strategies, motivation updates directional yieojineunga is then introduced to a new user?

A. softness of new users entering the game feeling and depth is gotta tightly connected to each other. The increased influx of new users existing users who are also able to play more varied and deeply enjoy long. And thinking to connect without separating the two updates that direction is expected to continue to be followed.

Q. I wonder detailed plan for the light mode.

A. It is not yet able to tell the details, there are those who enjoy large scale multiplayer, the people are divided into core gamers and entertainment (Light) gamers. Now the main mode of is focused to core gamers.

Lite mode is a way to think those core gamers to enjoy with friends, learn to play a fun game key role is a stepping stone, go to the main mode.

Q. also changed the name in the . Whether to put the global market in mind.

a. You told you exactly. Global gamers have felt confused, and the team inside and publishers were confused. With the proposal of Cacao Games, customers or partners have changed their name to so that they have clearly recognized the game name. First, thank Cacao Games, who gave suggestions.

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User and community trusting top priority

Q. At that time, the secrete mania layer was centered at the time of fashion in Korea. As long as you emphasize AAA, I wonder if you are now targeting the public.

A. Even if you look at the global market, the flow is changing and the flow is changing. is a bit different from the game that is fully served as a fully devoted, but it is a bit different from the game that gets popular, but it is right to focus on the development of the character to have an attachment when the art style or character conference is performed. So, I think I will give a good experience in global.

Q. Hacking mentioned it in separate mode, but do you have hacked in light mode?

a. It is different. I think hacking is not the core. There are many stories with the internal team. Hacking is not a person who is personally a person who is a poison. I really think its first to be able to do it (hacking system).

Q. We have posted anticipation while publishing a snowy map at the Second Developers Conference.

a. We really want to try it. Snowy Lucia islands opened from these Keynes. There are many stories with the development team. I think I will not be able to convey relevant news for a later manner.

Q. Next years e-sports, overseas expansion, and formal service conversion is a big picture, priority?

A. e Sports and development are in parallel, so they are expected to proceed well. Global services also think that it is a priority to obtain user trust. I have a lot of preparation.

Q. The most recent change is the characteristic. I wonder how to think about the results of the characteristic patch internally.

a. I was very worried. This is because only the complexity can be deducted. In conclusion, I think the team judgment that I decided to add characteristics was right. Of course, even if it is not perfect, it would not be okay overall.

Eventually, I think Gamer heart is important to consistent with the development team. The attribute update wants to be a memorable update for memories for me. And recently, the optimization patch was carried out, and the users response was quite good. 0.05 seconds improved the reaction rate, and small improvements were greatly affected by gamer experience. I will continue to improve hard.

Q. There is an opinion that difficulties are high to raise the battle pass level in the community, how do you think?

a. I will not end up at a time, and I feel the first time I put how important the battleaxe is. I will always try to make a more fun and good experience by collecting community feedback as always.

Q. Which comments of the community opinion?

a. Only a specific community. It is not this. I am looking for everyone. Users are well-reading all the feedback on the broadcasting, Reddit disc odes board, etc., and the comments. If you prioritize it, the opinion that contains a little insight is not considering first.

Kim Nam-seok will continue to try to make an AAA experience through , and the metabolism that appears in the game mentions another experiment and completed the interview.