[Gesta 2021] Challenge Eternal Return for AAA of Small Developer

Eternal Return is a multiplayer online survival sector game established by Nimble Neuron and published by Aka Games. The game was released as early access on Oct 14, 2020. Eternal return is one-of-a-kind in that it features a mix of MOB, Fight royale and also survival elements. A gamer can select among the many characters currently launched and is pitted against 17 other players to make it through as well as fight on an island called Lucia, with the last player standing being the winner. The game is currently released on computer as well as on Xbox platforms.

was in many ways like Cinderella games.

Marketing costs $0.00. One year development period is given. Even harder to promote the developers have introduced the game around the community directly. At the time of concurrent users can launch the target was 1,000. It had happened to a fire or an emergency transfer to the company office.

However, was achieved only in 2021 the highest number of simultaneous 5 visitors. Through the agreement with MS it was also added to the Xbox game pass. Even when the court first shovel was hard to even imagine. How do the growth of was? It summarizes the G-Star 2021 lecture gimnamseok representatives. / This Is the game Reporter gimseungju

Continuous 0 people with the community is the most important.

First, is still in an early access game. So he said gimnamseok representative weighed the subtitle of the challenges of a small developer in this announcement. In addition, the lecture is a personal opinion, an official opinion of the Nimble neurons or domestic partner was not mentioned. So, he explained, he captured the frank information.

When reduced to one word the lecture is resonance. Rings to each other, and one resonance, the sound is amplified. The important thing is that you must pass the periodic resonant power amplified. Significant resonance in the game is the resonance of the community. The natural frequency of the community and should be closely observed changing, so to be able to enjoy the process of the endless ringing. So how is the process of resonance Wouldve developed a ?

Nimble neurons was called me have failed developers. But the challenge for the resonance of the global players, the game developer founded in 2012 after they were both completely fail in the market. To the fire escape to the office or home office it was never a split developing game in 12 rooms. Ahead of the release has also been publishing cancel experience the so-called purgatory say.

Then battle to survive amid a character based on real-time strategy PVP game began to develop (at the time of the game title ). Gimnamseok representative noted is regarded as single-player MOB for the genre of . Alone is a game where you can show off your skills.

Development has entered the urgency that really last. Might someday make between someone decided the game, making the value of game that can give unique emotions and fun. However, marketing costs are $0 given time, development has been more than a year.

Five months later it began developing the first test. Even harder to promote the well around the various communities Reddit collected tester. The first reaction awful. Most publishing requests were refused.

It was a tough course, there are still users who reported the possibility of the Community . to the right users are users who have credits remaining at the time. In other words, I believe the seems to be the story gave consistently remained on the gamers that the development momentum.

A steady focus on development results, in testing times 7 was able to collect 20,008 thousand community users. After Steam Early Access release was also an experience that exceeded only five concurrent users.

But the colossal problems began to emerge explode. Nazi and open a game, a problem emerged one by one from the user. Since the development team is committed to making the sound to poured out their skills, energy and enthusiasm. While exchanges such as MS, steam, twitch could also get a lot of insight.

Competition from AAA can not be avoided.

Throughout this process, it was discovered one problem. Like it or not, it will have to compete with AAA.

In order not hide forever in the indie shield. Gamers want a clear AAA games, not the game halfway. To avoid competition with the AAA game if you need bold change and innovation.

Gimnamseok representative had mentioned an AAA games with the development into a few 10000000002, or the enormous marketing costs caused the game not mentioned here. Gimnamseok AAA is thought to represent refers to the realization of expectations. User expectations, the specific experience of the developers promise a reality. As confidence arising promise kept. This continuous and periodic cycles creates the AAA.

How the game environment changes to make them should closely monitor. One of gimnamseok representatives will be important to see that is a subscription, the cloud gaming as represented by the Xbox game pass.

For example getting picture presented in the lecture is taken from Twitter for real gamers, and play Xbox games to iPad, and manipulate the PS controller, dual shock. Gimnamseok representative said that the game pays Pass 3 months subscription to all employees to understand this environment.

He also mentioned the steam deck. He said salpyeoya and stated that the reason for the PC platform is a challenge to the console hardware, and predicted would one day return to the standard joystick game controller again.

AAA experience required for each game

Gimnamseok representative noted that should worry also for innovation cause resonance.

But also to challenge the AAA games, how my game is that you need to explain to worry about on whether to jump to AAA. However, customers should be enough to worry about any AAA experience. For example, Indie games unveiled a CG trailer costs about 30 million in all, and it does not necessarily react in order to secure a good seat.

Tips from the 2021 Solution Challenge finalists

In other words, Even if you do own making games is not aimed at AAA experience, what is the appropriate AAA experience in my game?, How to achieve a leap into AAA question still is gimnamseok representative Vito worth of an explanation.

For example, you can imagine that, If you create a to ? In order to do this it is necessary to reinterpret the with fascinating characters and art style that can be accepted in the East and the West. In order to melt the charming character in the game elements it can be introduced into a third-person camera format.

And you can imagine appending the RPG arena and format here. In the RPG elements and implement a skill set focused on the action. Add the Monster Hunting elements. Each monster adds pattern and targeting elements. Charming can ever make a material item in a variety of areas.

In other games in the arena format, Battle Royale, to create an increasingly powerful monsters appeared in the center of the map. Collect items and grades to killing monsters, and through this high-grade items so that you can stay in one of the last.

So, if you create a to ? I think that can be developed into imagining that targeted global TPS / FPS gamers, offering real-time RPG Survival Battle Arena .

Finally, gimnamseok representatives trying to lecture and is still lacking, but the game, the challenge facing the AAA said more efforts would not be enough to stop. He noted that it would be so right about the P2E recent buzzword gaming, Play To Earn, Play To Enjoy non. And he finished the lecture spent respect to all workers and gamers Games.