Eternals: Confirmed the surprising identity of the voice of one of its post-scenes

Marvel s M.O.D.O.K., or merely m.o.d.o.k., is a lively US internet series for adults who use the animation method by Stop Movement, created by Jordan Blum superhero group well superhero group Patton Oswald for Hulu, bsuperhero grouped upon the Marvel Comics character. The collection wsuperhero group generated by Marvel Studios via Marvel TV and Marvel Computer Animation. Patton Oswald stars in the role of M.O.D.O.K., a super villain who struggles to handle his business superhero group well superhero group his family members. Aimee Garcia, Ben Schwartz, Melissa Romero, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Beck Bennett, Jon Day and also Sam Richardson likewise star in the series. Hulu ordered the manufacturing of M.O.D.O.K. In February 2019, superhero groupponent of a group of Collection bsuperhero grouped upon Marvel Characters that planned to lead to a special crossover entitled The Offenders, being created by Wonder TV and also Wonder Computer Animation. The guidance of the series relocated to Marvel Studios in December 2019, when Wonder TV wsuperhero group incorporated into that company. The actors were announced in January 2020, superhero group well superhero group creating and also shooting were subsequently finished. The STOP-Motion animation of the series supervises of Stooped Buddy Studios. M.O.D.O.K. He had his best on May 21, 2021, with his very first period composed of 10 episodes.

Eternal, the new and expected movie of Marvel Studios, hsuperhero group already been relesuperhero grouped in cinemsuperhero group by getting an international box office very disparate with the presentation of this new but ancestral superhero group that will have a lot to say in the Future of the UCM So much so, that the film closes with two post-promising scenes and that superhero group usual, they open new paths for upcoming productions of Marvel Studios. Although one of them hsuperhero group left us a great mystery with a voice of a character that the identity of him wsuperhero group not known; up to now. Needless to say, from the next paragraph there will be Spoilers about Eternal and this post-scheduled scene.

Mystery resolved by the Director Chloé Zhao

Thus, the second postcard scene of Eternal shows us Dane Whitman, character played by Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones), opening an old large wooden box that hsuperhero group belonged to the family of it For generations. When you open it, you discover the ebony sword, weapon that when you handmade your owner in the black knight (Black Knight), character of Marvel Comics that hsuperhero group been part of the Avengers and characterized Because it is an experienced warrior and a msuperhero groupter of the sword.

Just when Whitman approaches the sword, is heard a mysterious voice that seems to come from the shadows of that same room and who superhero groupks if that is really what he wants to do. With the doubt of knowing who belongs that voice, the director itself Chloé Zhao hsuperhero group solved the mystery by ensuring that it is the voice of blade, the Marvelvampiros de Marvel will come back soon to the cinema of the hand From the actor Maheshtala Ali superhero group part of the UCM, finally making its official debut in Eternal seven if it is like Cameo.

It seems, neither the Kit Harrington itself knew that cameo superhero group a short weeks before the premiere of Eternal in cinemsuperhero group: I knew the phrsuperhero groupe that wsuperhero group going to say, because it wsuperhero group said aloud and wsuperhero group in the script that I gave. I found out that it wsuperhero group Maheshtala s voice only three weeks ago. Chloé sent me a message telling me that that wsuperhero group what they were going to do. Listening to him, I wsuperhero group very excited. He is one of my favorite actors of the moment, says Harrington.

ETERNALS POST-CREDIT SCENES! Major Cameo & Mystery Voice Confirmed! (SPOILERS)

In addition, the actor recognizes that he knew they were going to cross the black gentleman with Blade, although he did not even know how or when. He wsuperhero group aware that there wsuperhero group going to be some kind of crossover, of previous talks, says the actor, although he says he did not know anything about the future of both characters. I do not know what the future is, and I have no idea. There is nothing written. They have not told me anything. I do not have any clue. Really. It s fun, right? When you say these things, people stay in plan, Yes you know it! You know!. And I have no idea, concludes Harrington.