Disney Melee Mania faces Buzz Lightyear, Elsa de Frozen and Mickey Mouse in a mobile mob

If a few days ago we were echoing the friendly Multiverses, a Smash Bros. with Heroes and Villains of Warner Bros., Today we come to talk about Disney Melee Mania, a mime of Mighty Bear Games developed exclusively for Apple Arcade Where iconic and endearing characters of the beloved animation firm and Pixar are to face a fascinating virtual battlefield never seen before.

The players will choose their own hero, from Rome Ralph, Elsa and Mickey Mouse to Frozen, Vienna and Buzz Light year, to fight in 3C3 games with friends and enemies to become the definitive champions. Launch, there will be 12 characters, although their authors promise to expand the guest cast regularly. As expected, each of them will have exclusive skills and movements.

Mighty Bear Games proposes to the players Five-minute encounters overflowing Action In a battlefield, where they have to get the maximum possible points or defeat the opposite team as many times as possible. Users will participate in very agile multiply battles that will test the special skills of their character in the melee combat, with different modes and challenges that challenge their skills as well as events with rewards for the game, they add.

Disney Melee Mania will be available exclusively for Apple Arcade, thus closing its doors at a premiere on Android mobile and possibly the presence of micropayments within the game. Currently, users can subscribe to this service paying $4.99 per month. Apple Arcade is also within Apple One.

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