Complete New Work TV Anime Shaman King First App Games Shaman King Fumorchi Chronicle, decided to start a formal service December 8 (Wednesday)! First of all, the character voice will be released! Advantageous retweet cam

Jodi Dakota (中田 譲治, Dakota Jodi?) (April 22, 1954 -) is a Says associated with Osaka Office, was birthed in the city of Tokyo, Japan. The actual name of him is Hiroshi Dakota (中 田 均 志, Dakota Hiroshi?).

Studio Co., Ltd. has decided to start the official service of the first smartphone application game Shaman KING Lumber Chronicle (Wednesday), December 8, 2021 (Wednesday) I knew it.

Studio Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO: Ken (Sakai) is a popular TV animation Shaman King (Chapman King) on the first smartphone application game Shaman KING Flipper Chronicle (We will inform you that you have decided to start the official service start of commonly known as Fun. In addition to the unlisted character voice release, we also hold a retweet campaign with gratitude to everyone who supported me to make the most of the official service start. Enjoy a few days until the start of official service.

▸ Pre-registration site: ▸ Official Twitter: game

Determination of official service start date

November 29, 2021, STUDIO Z Co., Ltd. Complete New Work TV Anime Shaman King First App Games Shaman King Fumorchi Chronicle, decided to start a formal service December 8 (Wednesday)! First, the character voice will be released! Advantageous retweet campaigns are also held! Shaman King Lumbar Chronicle (common name: Funk) has decided to set the start of official service December 8, 2021 (Wednesday). If you have not previously registered, please register without forgetting.

Lapp STORE reservation order page: ▸ Google Play Store Pre-registration page: ID = Shamanking

Big release of voice messages in official Twitter

In commemoration of the start date of the official service, voice messages from the character appearing in Fulfill will be released sequentially on the official Twitter on November 30, 2021 (Tuesday). Please check yourself if any message can listen to any message. If you have not followed the official Twitter, please follow this.

▸ Official Twitter: game

Voice message will be released Characters Title abbreviation, unlikely

Sakura Leaf (CV: Yoko Hikes) Honda Anna (CV: Hampshire Legume) Amaru Mary (CV: Kabuki Koizumi) Canada Manga (CV: Indiana Invoke) ROTC (CV: Park Mimi) Umeå Cynosure (CV: Masaryk Tanaka) Hoodoo (CV: Uchiyuji) Fast VIII WI (CV: Child Auto Iron Maiden Jeanne (CV: Horse Yew) Tamara LAMAO (CV: Nana Mizuki)

please note

· Schedule may change without notice

Fulfill Official Twitter Follower 19.75 million People !! Thank you, RT campaign

Official Twitter Followers 19.750,000 (197,500 people) In commemoration of the breakthrough, the Retweet campaign is being held that Shaman King Blu-ray Box1 First Press Limited Edition and Fulfill Original QUO Card Pay. Please join us because you are easy to apply.

Campaign application method

· Procedure (1) Follow the official Twitter ▸ Official Twitter: game

· Procedure (2) Retweet the applicable tweet of the campaign game/status/146491187

· Procedure (3) Store reservation from the button in the applicable tweet of procedure (2) ※ If you have already reserved, you do not have to make a reservation again

Lottery present contents

· Shaman King Blu-ray Box1 First Press Limited Edition: 1 person · Chocolate Love Goods 4-piece set: 5 people · Shaman KING Flipper Chronicle Original QUO Card Pay 3,000 yen: 10 people

Campaign period (application period)

Holding to December 7, 2021 (Tuesday) until 23:59

please note

· When applying for campaigns, please refer to the application terms that are replicated to the appropriate tweets in step (2) · Schedule may change without notice

Introduction of other campaigns being held

1 1 Pre-registrant 300,000 thanks campaign

·way to participate Please see the following tweets of the official Twitter. game/status/1461574966076325893

· Holding period Holding to December 3, 2021 (Fri) 23:59

2 Burr Mission Campaign

·way to participate Please see the following campaign page. ▸ ▸ Fumes Mission Campaign Page:

· Holding period Under holding ~ Shaman King March Chronicle Released until 23:59

Shaman King Humor Chronicle

Shaman KING Lumbar Chronicle (common name: Funk) is a game work for the first official smartphone of TV anime Shaman King. The first fans, such as the function of the high quality 3D graphic that faithfully reproduced the world view of Shaman King, and the function that can be prepared for the story in Manga tic (manga tic) mode of the new sense, of course, If you touch Shaman King, it is a work that can be immersed in the world. Formal release is scheduled for 2021.

What is the TV anime Shaman King

Take Hirobumi series A total of ¥38 million broke up to 38 million copies Shaman King is a full new work TV anime during acclaimed broadcasting from April 2021.

When we announced a new animation in June 2020, it has been a very popular popularity in Japan and abroad even more than 20 years since the first place of the TWITTER World Trend. ▸ Official site:

App Overview

Applied Name: Shaman KING Lumbar Chronicle Genre: 1 Smartphone RPG Release Scheduled Time: December 8, 2021 (Wednesday) OS: IOS / Android Usage Price: Basic Play Free (With In-app billing) ▸ Pre-registered site: ▸ Store Pre-booking URL: / 15F902F3 ▸ Official Twitter: game ▸ official LINE: ▸ Official YouTube:

© Take Hirobumi, Romansh / Shaman King Project. TV Tokyo © Studio Z, Inc.

About Studio Z

Studio Z is an entertainment company that attracts a game creator who has sent a lot of hit works to the world in Cruise Ltd. Suburb Mechachureo Motion was raised in the vision, and it was born as a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Cruise Co., Ltd. in November 2016.

Company Profile

Company name: Studio Z Co., Ltd.: Tokyo Knock Dropping 6-8-10 Settings: November 1, 2016, Capital: 180 million yen Business content: Planning, Development, Operation of Games for Smartphone: