BVB: Zorc expresses the reus criticism of Rose

Marco Rose (born 11 September 1976) is a German professional football supervisor and previous player who is the manager of Borussia Dortmund. As a gamer, he played as a defender for Locomotive Leipzig, Hanover 96 and Mainz 05. Later he trained Mainz 05 s junior varsity, after that Locomotive Leipzig, prior to experiencing the ranks at Red Bull Salzburg. From 2019 to 2021 he took care of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The BVB had to fight at the 1: 2 bankruptcy in Leipzig both with the system of Marco Rose and the great personal care. Captain Marcos director Michael Zorn expressed itself to the Zeus criticism and the challenges of the coming weeks.

Especially in the first half, the BVB put a weak appearance against RB Leipzig at 1: 2 against RB Leipzig. After Dortmund changed at halftime from a fighter on a four-chain, it ran better. That also saw Captain Marco Reus so. That s much better because we are much more active than in the differ chain. In addition, we have in the Fünfernkette a man less in the center, which can press with us. We do not really come clearly, so you have to clearly say that He stressed very much after the game against Sky.

ZORN: Rose and Zeus have exchanged

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It was a very significant criticism of the orientation of Marco Rose. Therefore, one does not allow a conflict in Dortmund. The statements of Marco Reus were due to the frustration about the defeat, said Captain Marco director Michael Zorn on Sunday opposite the kicker.

After the game, Zeus sought the conversation with Rose. Between the two everything is okay, the 59-year-old assured.

ZORN described the Leipzig er victory as deserved and complained that the BVB has not really taken place for 50 minutes and was only done. With a view to the powerful match against Ajax on Wednesday, where the Rose-eleven had to act in the lower-mentioning hour, Zorn relativized the performance a bit.

Such a game sampling both mentally and physically. Especially as we always have to play the same players with us, he explained with a view of the big personal sores of BVB, which hardly enable rotation.

BVB: Some professionals before returning to training

According to Kicker information, however, the Lazaro is released during the country break. Thus, Raphael Guerrero, Nico Schulz, Mahmoud Aloud, Eyre Can and Marius Wolf Successive will begin training in the coming days. Some of them are likely to be available again in two weeks against the VfB Stuttgart.

Given the Giant Program until the winter break, as Zorn calls, more options for Rose would be helpful. We have to see that we struck ourselves, the BVB Captain Marcos director added.

marco rose interview nach dem spiel Borussia Dortmund 1 vs 3 Ajax  03/11/2021

This is especially true for Donnell painting, which according to his coach not yet the right mindset and work. Zorn stressed that the offensive player is not yet shown, which the leaders hope for him. Nevertheless, he showed optimistic for the future: Donny has all the skills — and we patience.