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New info no good light on Blizzard. The two co-bosses wanted the same money — but that was actively denied them.

In the last few days, the scandal around Activision Blizzard takes on again. After an extensive article of Wall Street Journal, Bobby Kick gentle and many call for his resignation as CEO. At the same time, however, a new light was thrown on the departure from Jennifer Korean.

The is, as we have already reported yesterday, not only to help women in gaming elsewhere, but also because they were paid worse than their male colleague — and though both tried to get the same salary.

Where are the info? The information comes from the magazine IGN. Looking at screenshots of several Blizzard employees, show news from the company-internal slack. It s about news that Mike Ibarra has directed to the whole team, but also oral has reported speaking.

What was said? It s about the topic of uneven payment by Mike Ibarra and Jennifer Oneal. The two had taken the lead from Blizzard in equal position after the departure from J. all Back. However, they were paid differently, which in the end also a reason for the departure of Oneal was — along with the doubt about that the management level in Activision Blizzard really wants to change something to better.

In a message in the Blizzard Slack, Ibarra wrote to the incidents:

Hall Blizzard, please look at the e-mail I wrote this morning. I know that many of the executives want to talk to their teams during the day. This is a hard time for us all, included me. I was asked and wants to say clearly: Jen [Oneal] and I have informed the management that we both wanted the same payment to lead Blizzard together.

As a leadership is equality in its broadest sense something, behind which I am 100%. As a team, I share our desire for change and growth. I sit down for us to make Blizzard together to do what we all want. I will soon send a video to all at Blizzard. Thank you and know that I process the news of today — and how many of you have some problems.

The statement seemed obviously for confusion in some employees who wanted to know why the responsible persons at Blizzard would reject the request for the same payment. Year continued:

Jen and I were both still in existing contracts. I looked at [ and Online Products] while singing [Vicarious Visions], so our payment was different. When Jen and me was offered a new contract, he was both the same for us in our roles as co-leader of Blizzard and our payment would be identical.

Offer came only after the termination

ONEAL could not let that stand and explained some more details that Year had left out. Accordingly, you first offered a new contract with the same payment when you already wanted to discuss your termination.

WTF is going on at Blizzard?

ALLY MIKE and I were used in the same co-leader role, we started working with our old payment that was not identical. This was also a while after we had asked several inquiries to suit the remuneration.

After a while, Blizzard has been told that new proposals for contracts work, but came the offer of the same payment only after I submitted my termination.

It is strange strangely that Blizzard acts as a sign of equality a man and a woman and then paid the woman worse. Even weird, the whole thing works, if both have tried to move Blizzard to the same payment and rejected several times or not respected.

That such an offer comes only then when a one-end would like to discuss their termination, it is likely to be one thing: a desperation of a desperate to keep Oneal but still to prevent the PR disaster whose unfolding is still in full swing.

As one turns and turns, the whole incident always has absurder and leaves many observers now at the competence whose doubts that make such decisions.

Let s hope that slowly, but certainly the scandal about Blizzard finds an end and all bodies in the basement were found. Because only then can the once so popular companies make themselves on the way to get back to the trust of the employees.