Best new mods Sims 4 for October 2021

The Scary Season has recently arrived and has brought many talented creators of the Sims community. Simmers around the world have been working hard over the last month to launch customized content and modifications to enhance the player s experience with The Sims 4. We have compiled some of our favorite creations so that navigate here in our range. Of the best mods for Sims 4 October 2021!

New custom features

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

If you feel your Sims could use more variations with its features, then this mod is for you. Adds several new features to your game, like Shy, Night Owl, Baby Crazy and more. All features come with their own unique interactions, which makes the game even more immersive.

Sometimes Sims are just... well, great. This mod also allows your Sims have the Great feature. What else can I say that interests you?

Carrera entrepreneurial

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

Your Sim wants to undertake a business career? Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of time and dedication, but fortunately your Sim will surely be perfect for the job. Check out this mod if you want to add a new career in your game that allows your Sim join the race Entrepreneur.

If entrepreneurship is not what you like to your Sim, perhaps some of its neighbors in the making could take over.

Race as counter

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

Be an accountant may not seem as glamorous as being an entrepreneur, but there is a Sim suitable for every new career. This mod will add a counter to run your game so your Sim can live all your dreams of Microsoft Excel. The work will be divided into two branches that your Sim can choose between legal accounting or tax accounting.

Yes, tax accounting will make your Sim is richer. Forensic accounting is more for the common good. It s your choice…

Custom loading screens

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

TOP SIMS 4 MODS OF THE MONTH! (October 2021)

If you feel you can not customize your game as much as you want, look at this mod that allows you to load your screens more dynamic and more like you. Choose from different colors to liven up the slow moments between creating Sim and play.

No more blue bored!

Trips to hidden places

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

Unable to travel to hidden, special or holiday in The Sims 4 places has always been a bit annoying. This mod allows your Sims to open their phones, select Travel as they would otherwise. Where, and finally click on Visiting the place to access these places.

Deep forests, here we are!

houses and land

Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

Every month brings crazy versions of Simmers everywhere. Last month was no exception. Here are a combination of a few houses and lots of spectacular Sims 4 October (residential and community).

Mcdonalds Starbucks Casa Cullen (Twilight) Apartments Classics Garden of pumpkins


Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

Nothing like a new activity for your Sims. We love to see the different hairstyles content creators, so we ve put together some great findings last month for the surf.

Lion Eowyn Milk and Honey Eva Of Moon


Best New Sims Mods October 4, 2021

the cozy season is coming and brings many new and beautiful clothes for your Sims. Here they are some of the styles are stylish during the last month.

Plaid skirt autumn Top point Body Lace Dress Swiss Halloween T

These are some of the best modifications to October 2021 we found that the surf. If you have favorites in the list, be sure to download and view mod to see more content 4. Sims can also find more specific items from The Sims below!

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