Back 4 Blood will have a solo offline mode in December

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Turtle Rock has presented a new route map of Black 4 Blood. The studio promises different additions, and one of them is an offline mode for a player with progression, which will be available from December of this year.

December will be your first great content update, in which you also promise new types of letters and more than we already know, a new scenario to practice annihilate Ridden and an event on the occasion of the Christmas season, among other additions. During this November month they have also confirmed some updates, but in this case they will be limited to improvements in the quality of life and the correction of Bugs.

‘Back 4 Blood’ will get an offline single player mode in December

As for the year 2022, a good addition of additions are also shown in the Roadmap, as more letters, the addition of a new level of difficulty, another unprecedented cooperative mode and some other quality of life improvements.

Something is also seen from the first expanding payment in the game, under the name of Tunnels of Terror, which will be available next year. It will be three the expansions that will arrive during 2022, which will be part of the annual passage of the zombies game.

At first, the progression of Back 4 Blood was limited to the game online, and both this fact and the lack of a specific way for a player were two of the functions that the community demanded. From Turtle Rock Studios they explained that they had heard their frustrations, and they declared that they had already put down to work in order to solve these problems. At the moment, they are giving what they promise, since they did not take long to adjust their difficulty and progression when necessary.

It seems clear that this diligence towards its followers has contributed to the success of the title, of which we already mentioned that it managed to reach 6 million players only two weeks after its launch.