Again a U-21 knockout: follows again an imposing development?

The fog swaths were not interested in the Friday night for the stadium limits, deeply hung by phases over the lawn in Großaspach. That was quite an advantage for the German team. Thus, the spectators in the stadium could not know exactly which players in the SALVOS team were involved in what characteristics involved in the hair-raising mistakes in the initial phase. It was to be recognized, however, that the ball fiddled three times within the first 14 minutes in the German network and minutes later a reasonable red card for Jean-Manuel Mom the hosts were still maneuvering into the dead end.

None of us could convince with great achievements in this game or shake the team.

Captain Jonathan Burkhart

JONATHAN BURKARDT | BEST MOMENTS | STORY 2018-2021 Overall, the complete team was responsible for this catastrophic start anyway. The DFB juniors played carefree and immature forward without paying attention to a suitable hedge — despite explicit warnings of their coach.

Especially the arrow-fast double door scorer Adrian Benedick, which made Mom look like a walker in the sprint duel as a walker in the sprint duel as a walker, and design Jakub Kaminski, who prepared the first three goals and also initiated the fourth goal, never got the German team under control. Even though the hosts then proved attitude, at night, the game determined and even six good scorchancies that could have sufficient for more efficiency and some luck even for the interim balance, Di Salvo had to acknowledge a highly deserved victory of Poland after a final whistle. In the final phase, the clever, aggressive and uncompromising guests felt the DFB defensive namely again several times and gangs at the end with the fourth gate still a sanding of the German debacle.

The shock through this appearance — the first zero number after previously 14 U-21 games without defeat — Was Di Salvo and Captain Jonathan Burkhart clearly looked at how to take place on the podium in the press conference room later in the evening. In the first 15 minutes, the Poles won every duel, were drippy, wondering, the coach distributed his team bad notes in Basics. None of us could convince with great achievements in this game or shake the team. We also work offensive players could not secure the balls so well, sometimes lost simple balls, then it will not be heavily done the guys back, Burkhart did not do it Self-criticism.

The question of the consequences of the debacle

Now the question is for the consequences of such a swatter. In spite of disappointment, Burkhart formulated the right and targeted questions: That was a heart defeat, but it is crucial, how does the team react to how does she think of how does it develop? Let s learn what — or not? The knockout, as painful he is, as a chance to see, snatches and come back more. This also sets Di Salvo, especially on the basis of good experiences with such situations.

setbacks there were also the successful predecessor generations

For the successful predecessor generations, which the SALVO accompanied as co-coach of Stefan Kurtz from September 2016, had to accept setbacks. The European Champion of 2017 did not go so violently on the boards, but lost in November 2016 0: 1 in Poland and March 0: 1 against Portugal. The final participants from 2019 at the beginning of their two-year period against Hungary (1: 2) and in Norway the shorter (1: 3). And this year s European champion got the limits shown twice by Belgium, after a 2: 3 in the first leg, it was also a 1: 4 clatter in the second leg.

San Marino — No scale, but a grateful opportunity

Thereafter, an imposing further development of the individual players followed and above all the team as collective. Now the Salvo is demanded after his first third game as a boss to accomplish such an increase in the medium to long term on the way to the EM final round in the summer of 2023. The game on Tuesday against football dwarf San Marino is not a scale, but a grateful opportunity to resolve at least the scratched self-confidence after the joint analysis without too much resistance.