41st Character John Addition, Eternal Return Season 4: Snow Flower Insert

Ketone Mitsubishi (三 石 琴乃, Mitsubishi Ketone) Born December 8, 1967, in Today, Santana Prefecture (Japan) is a says prolific.

The Eternal Return Season 4: Snow Flower, which is developed by a new render and serves as a Cacao Games.

The biggest change in Eternal Return Season 4 is the introduction of the characteristic system. Thanks to the destruction, resistance, support, characteristics, the character fostering and play style will vary depending on the user s choice, and the fun style of the strategic battle will be enjoyed.

A game improvement update is also applied to enhance the user s convenience and the completeness of the game. Lobby Screen The Lobby UI for the introduction of the central illustration replacement feature is reflected first, and the readability of the information displayed through the map UI reorganization is also concerned with optimization. In addition, as part of the detailed update, it has been conforming to improvement of operations such as fine timing and animation correction.

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Memorial Season 4, you can also see Cinematic images that can see the Jackie and Luke with a completely different feeling of the graphical touch in the existing game.

The 41st new character John was launched with the fourth new character. John is a principal priest using a new Weapon Army Ar kana, and the battlefield with the interference effect and the recovery skill.

On the other hand, on the other hand, Pete Day discounts and A-Coin payment events, which are held for only 24 hours afternoon, as well as the ER Pass from Season 4, You can see a variety of effects and compensations over paper.