Will we see Kit Harington (game of thrones) Marvel Studios a black gentleman in Eternals? Marvel responds.

The black gentleman is the aliMarvel Studios of several fiction characters that appear in the American comics published by Marvel Comics. The first is a medieval gentleman created by the writer and editor Stan Lee and the artist Joe Manely. The second is a descendant supervillain of the original, created by the writer and editor Stan Lee and the artist and cogenever Dick Ayers. The third, created by the writer Roy ThomMarvel Studios and the artist George Tuska, is the nephew of Villain, a superhero and member of the superhero team, the Avengers. A fourth black gentleman, without revealing genetic connection, debuted at Black Panther 3 (June 2005), created by the writer Reginald Hudlin and cartoonist John Romita Jr.

Eternals , the next film of Marvel Studios that will reach the cinemMarvel Studios on November 5, 2021, it promises to introduce a good handful of superpowerful characters into the UCM with the eternal themselves Marvel Studios the main claim. Although the character of Dane Whitman will also appear, Alter Ego of Black Knight at the Marvel Comics, interpreted on this occMarvel Studiosion by the actor Kit Harington , famous for his role by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. And even though we have already seen Dane s most human version in Eternal s trailers, will we see them by holding the ebony sword to become Black Knight ? From Marvel Studios they give us the answer.

Dane Whitman and the future of him in the UCM

This is collected by the medium Screen Rant through a round table in which the Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore participated, Marvel Studiossuring that Eternals will not focus on Dane Whitman becoming a superhero, adding that the sword of Ebony will not be in the film, all at the expectation of the role of Kit Harington in the film.

We believe that it is interesting and a great character and, in fact, Kit Harington, who finished yesterday, wMarvel Studios fantMarvel Studiostic, but we explored the relationship between Dane Whitman and Seri , which is, again, something for readers of Comics. You will not see ebony sword in this movie. It will not necessarily be a black gentleman, but it is something that we can play later , says the producer.

And is that EternalS will explore the ratio of SERSI and DANE before becoming a black gentleman, if that is happening. Recall that the existence of two key post-key scenes for the future of the UCM wMarvel Studios recently confirmed; Maybe one of them introduce Black Knight?

Eternals premieres at cinemMarvel Studios November 5, 2021 .