Sea of Thieves reaches 25 million players and celebrates the cars with limited time rewards

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Battles, cannon, robberies, exploration, cars, tricks, Treasury search ... There are a thousand ways to enjoy the life of the pirate in Sea of ​​Thieves. A very admired proposal for a good part of the community and that, consequently, has helped the game reach a new milestone in its numbers: it has already reached the 25 million players . A figure that Rare wants to celebrate through limited time rewards for all her pirates.

Players will receive 25,000 gold coins and 25 doubloons because behind a number there are hundreds of stories. And that is why after 25 million players there are great experiences full of tension, fighting, navigation and, as not, acts of piracy of the most fun . For this reason, Microsoft has announced on its website that, to celebrate the new figure reached, all players connecting the day October 19 Starting at 4:00 pm, Spanish Peninsular Time, they will receive 25,000 Gold coins and 25 doubloons .

However, these rewards will not last forever, since the surprise will last until the October 26 . Therefore, pirates who want to get along with this booty should hurry to claim their prize, something that will be added to a random in which a random player can get 25 million gold coins . So, with a record summer for Rare, in which Sea Thieves brought together 4.8 million active users in June, the adventure of the pirates reaches a new milestone.

And is that the developer has endeavored to provide all kinds of experiences for the happiest pirates, something we have seen with a season 4 that has led us to the depths of the sea , a collaboration with Borderlands and even a union of franchises with the Caribbean pirates. So prepare to make the sea once more in Sea of ​​Thieves and CoGed your reward Before leaving for more adventures. Because pirate life is life better.