Return: Update 2.0 delivers memory function and photo mode

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Returnal is one of the best games of the year. Who owns a PlayStation 5 and a lot of frustration resistance, barely passes the Rogue Like of Housemarque. However, so far you also needed either long free evenings for the game or had the willingness to let the console run in sleeping mode for a long time and to make nothing else with her again than playing Return again at the next use. Finally, he lacked the opportunity to store the progress during a pass to finish the game and continue later. If you have not pulled a run to the end or screen dod, and then the console has just switched off, the progress was gone.

The Update 2.0 solves the problem. After over half the year, Housemarque finally submitted a storage function. It s called suspend cycle and is limited. You can not save freely and do not even create several scores and load at any time. The feature only gives you the option to stop return during a passage without losing your progress. If you later pick up it later, the memory status is automatically deleted. At the Rogue Like concept, where the death means that you need to start from scratch, so nothing changes.

Best Rogue-like out there? #Returnal #PS5  @Housemarque You can not expose the cycle at any time. While boss fighting, intermediate sequences, the scenes in ego perspective and violent combat scenarios, as it is called in an article on the PlayStation blog, no save is possible. We found that there are moments in Returnal, the best players should experience at the piece in order to maintain the desired play flow and the challenge of the game, says Creative Director Harry Krueger. With this approach, we can maintain the Rogue Like feeling of the game and the dangers of your passage, but at the same time provide a convenient, player-friendly option for those of you who want to experience Returnal in shorter game sessions.

The second great innovation is the photomodus. Yes, he has so far missed in Returnal, although something like that is meant to good sound. Almost in every game torque (with a few exceptions such as the first-person scenes), you can pause the events to make a chic snapshot. You have a variety of options: You can set things like the focal length, aperture, saturation, and contrast, illuminate the image with different light sources and choose from various filters, effects, frames, and color options.

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