Pokémon Go: Special research tasks and rewards of Find Your Voice

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Meloetta made his debut in Pokémon GO GO Fest last summer. But now GO Pokémon players who have not participated in the annual event will have the opportunity to get this legendary Pokémon. Here s all you need to know about Find Your Voice Special Tasks and rewards GO Pokémon research.

Special Research Guide Find Your Voice: all tasks and rewards Pokémon GO

Here you will find all the tasks and rewards of the special study Finding Your Voice. The lines at the side of the stuffed cartoons are the tasks that must be completed, and rewards for tasks are to the side of the open circles. Completion rewards are what you earn for completing the stage.

It is also important to note that if you already have Meloetta GO Fest, you can not catch one after completing Find Your Voice. Instead, you receive 20 sweet Meloetta. Otherwise, everyone will receive the same rewards for completing this special investigation.

Special Search Find Your Voice (1/6)

Take a snapshot of your friend 1000 XP Catch 30 normal type Pokémon Knows Glameow Pokémon Evolves 15 30 Pokéballs Rewards for completing : 1000 XP 1000 stardust Meeting with Eevee

Special Search Find Your Voice (2/6)

Use 30 berries to help catch Pokémon. 20 berries pineapple Win five candies walking with your friend Poffin Give your boyfriend three goodies Meeting with Chansey Rewards for completing : 1000 XP 1000 stardust Meet Slugma

Special Search (3/6)

Win three battles in the arena Meet Monferno Battle in three raids Three maximum potions Defeat three Grunts of the GO Team Rocket Two passes battle premium Rewards for completing : 1000 XP 1000 stardust Meet Hariyama

Special Search (4/6)

Earn 20,000 Stardust Meeting Chimecho Captures 30 different species of Pokémon Meeting noisy Gira three PokeStops Party cricketune Rewards for completing : 2000 XP 2000 stardust Meet Meloetta (or 20 if you already have sweet Meloetta Meloetta)

Special Search (5/6)

Take a snapshot of Meloetta 20 candies Meloetta Make a new friend Egg lucky Send three gifts to your friends Three increases Rewards for completing : 2500 XP 2500 stardust Five sticks Meloetta

Special Search (6/6)

Finding Game | Find The Hidden Object | AR Entertainment | Game 2021 - 2022 | Master Mind Game Finished homework 3000 XP Finished homework 3000 XP Finished homework 3000 XP Rewards for completing : Module lure Three candies rare 20 candies Meloetta

That s all there is to know about your voice Find special research tasks and rewards Pokémon GO . If you want to get more information about the game, see our guide wiki or official Pokémon website GO.

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