New look at the SPIDER Suit

Less than two months left for the premiere of Spider-Man No Way Home , easily the movie that has given us the most about the last year. Do you remember when we announce that Jamie Foxx was going to be electro again in the then Spider-Man 3 of Tom Holland ?

Since then, rumors about reappear other characters from previous Spider-Man films were incessant ... and today we continue without knowing whether Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will return, even after Filtration of a Garfield video that according to special effects experts ... it is 100% real not Fake.

The British film magazine Empire has revealed today the covers of the next issue, on December (which leaves on October 28), and which has as a cover to Spider-Man No Way Home.

As usual, this magazine has had exclusive access to statements and images of the film, and its double cover has no waste.

This cover, the officer and will be sold in UK stores (and it is also possible to find it in some Sites of Spain, although later) shows a better look at the new SPIDER-MAN Suit, a hybrid between the cloth suit of Homecoming and Iron Spider, with golden details on the back spider and shoulders.

But the best thing is what has behind: an arm of Doctor Octopus , a pumpkin pump of the Green Elf ... and what is sure is a ray of electro .

The exclusive cover for subscribers is much more psychedelic, created by the Murugiah artist, making illusion at multiple realities, or the multiverse , which Spider-Man and Dr. STRANGE will open in this third film of the Trepamuros in Marvel Studios. .. provoking Villains from other dimensions to jump to your world.

As the normal cover, this also has winks to the villains. Octopus and Green Goblin are very obvious ... but we also see a yellow hall, of Electro ... and a fist that undoubtedly belongs to Sandman, the man of sand . Do not you think?

The four villains came out in previous Spider-Man films, although the rumors indicate that there will be at least two more villains (to form an alignment of the six claims ).

The most likely is Lagarto , Villano at The Amazing Spider-Man of 2012, because in the trailer a monstrous figure was intuited in the sewers attacking Peter Parker, who analyzing Frame A Frame seems very clear that it was Lizard .

And the sixth? Will it be rhino, back after the fleeting appearance of it in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? What if he were Mysterio ? The cover of subscribers has a blue circle in the upper right corner, under the second E, that looks like the helmet-tank of Quentin Beck, Villano in Spider-Man away from home, which even has what seems to be to be A white reflection on the glass.

Even The author itself seems to mean that, in that part of the poster, there is a cat locked ...

The Devil Is in the Disguise!

  • Murugiah (@murugiah ) October 22, 2021

On December 17, we will leave doubts, when Spider-Man does not Way Home premiere in cinemas from around the world. Although before that you will touch seeing a second trailer. Maybe you leave with eternals , Marvel Studios movie that comes out on November 5?

Finally, remember that this week Many Marvel films have been delayed for 2022 and 2023 ... but fortunately, Spider-Man No Way Home is not among them.