LOL: TSM begins to disarm with when output from SwordArt

Team Solomid announced that its central lane was planned for Søren s return Bjergsen Bjerg. The golden boy of the American team expressed his intentions to compete, but this will not be possible. Added to the above, it is possible that the Taiwanese Support Hu SwordArt Shuo-Chieh Leave the squad.

According to a report by Pablo Suárez for Dot Esports, SwordArt would change from organization for the season 12. The news arrives almost a year after it signed one of the most expensive contracts in the West, reaching a total of 6 MDD by The ex-support of Suning. Unlike the signing of Luka Perkz Perković, which was for three years, SWRAVART was defeated by 2022. In both cases, the objective was always gaining the highest international competitions, but the SwordArt team did not attend any.

Team Solomid sought to renew himself after a terrible WORLDS 2020, which left him out in the group stage. The 0-6 forced the 2021 project to overcome the painful record, with a mix between veteran and young talent. Unfortunately, he did not even reach to reach the League of Legends World Cup as Third Seed. Cloud9 was responsible for slowing down his progress to stay with the last quota.

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In addition to the exit of Bjergsen and SwordArt, Team Solomid will also say goodbye to Tristan Powerofevil Schrage. The German took the Bjergsen lane for season 11 but, faithful to the tendency of him, he will change from organization after this year. There is still no information about the future of him or about the plans of the American Multicampeon.

With all the losses, Team Solomid will enter a renewal process. The transfer and transfers market will open on November 15, allowing Sword to play on another team or region.

In parallel to North America, Europe is frozen by the decision of four players. Any decision they take will affect the movement of the signing market. Here we explain what is happening.