FC Bayern: Uli Hoeneß wants to eat Vegan at Timo Hildebrand

Bayern Munich (Fußball Club Bayern München E.v.) is a German OmniHoeneßs club founded on February 27, 1900 and based in Munich, Bavaria. The team has been playing since 1965 in Bundesliga and is nicknamed Rekordmeister (in French: holder of the titles record ), he is the most titled European club of the 21st century (2nd in the world).

FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN: Wütender Uli Hoeneß teilt kräftig aus Obtaining its first successes in the Bavarian Championships, the club quickly wins in notoriety and wins its first national title in 1932. Denounced by the Nazi regime as Jewish club, its development is slowed until the end of the Second World War. Subsequently founding member of the South Oberliga, the club stands out by winning the DFB-Pokal, the German Cup, in 1957 but does not qualify for the first professional championship. FC Bayern joins the Bundesliga in 1965 and is rapidly established in Cador of the Championship, including four titles between 1969 and 1973. Triple European Champion of Clubs between 1974 and 1976, the FCB then wins an international card confirmed by a title in intercontinental section in 1976. Ten times champion of Germany between 1980 and 1999, winner of the UEFA Cup 1996 and three times finalist of C1 in 1982, in 1987 and in 1999, the club, then led by the former International Franz Beckenbauer confirms its dominant position on German and global football by completing an intercontinental champions-cup league in 2001. Author of a national triplet in 2008 where he wins the Liga-Pokal, the DFB-Pokal and the Bundesliga, FC Bayern is again noticeable By winning the Champions League, the UEFA supercap and the Club World Cup in 2013, from which the Club has accumulated nine consecutive titles of Germany champion, the last obtained in 2021. Bayern Munich also knows A great rivalry with Borussia Dortmund. The two clubs have met in a summit at the top: the final of the 2013 Champions League won 2-1 by the Bavarians. In 2020, despite the confinement that took place from March until June, Bayern wins for the second time in its history the tripled Germany-Cup Champions Championship Championship. By engaging in the next season the supercropper of Germany 2020, the UEFA 2020 supercap and the FIFA 2020 World Cup, it equals the performance accomplished by FC Barcelona in 2009 by winning all titles. A club can win in a calendar year.

According to Timo Hildebrand, Uli Hoeneß has adopted an invitation to the Vegan Restaurant of the former football goal.

I got a call from Uli Hoeneß on Thursday. He called with suppressed number, actually I do not accept such calls, said the 42-year-old hildebrand of the picture.

Hoeneß wool past when he was in the area, to eat with me, Hildebrand said. The former Bayern boss had recently evidenced Antenne Bavaria in the Sunday breakfast to the vegetarian-vegan lifestyle.

The question of whether he has ever fed vegetarian, affirmed the 69-year-old, but added, I do not taste the stuff, because there is everywhere in it, which must not be in a Nuremberg Bratwurst, namely stabilizers and flavor enhancers

The longtime football official and sausage producer Hoeneß said he has no problem with vegetarians and vegans. Everyone should do that. But the problem is, they are militantly. If you are criticizing today, attack you. I do not bother me at all when someone is vegan or vegetarian, but he should let me eat my right to eat What I want. I have only a problem with the people who criticize the others.

Hildebrand had then invited Hoeneß to his vegan restaurant in Stuttgart. Hoeneß, Hildebrand betrayed now, told him, He has nothing against Vegans in general, but only against those who are militantly.