FC Bayern | Maneuver the offside : Hard criticism of Hoeneß

Ulrich Uli Hoeneß (Ulm, West Germany, January 5, 1952) is a German exfutbalist and Bayern Munich s expression. The position of him was the front on the left.

Uli Hoeneß has caused a stir with violent criticism of vegans. The significant words of the long-standing president of Bayern also cause reactions.

Vegetarian I accept a bit, vegan not at all, because people will only get sick in the long run : With this sentence, Uli Hoeneß made a lot of headlines in an interview with Antenne Bayern . That the founder of a sausage factory advocates a meaty diet, not surprised. Nevertheless, it hailed to Hoeneß spikant full-handed criticism.

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FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN: Wütender Uli Hoeneß teilt kräftig aus The consumption of meat and milk stands, as has been proven in numerous studies, in close connection with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, said Harald Ullmann, in turn, the second chairman of the animal rights organization PETA, in a statement.

But not enough. Uli Hoeneß was already treated for heart problems and, according to media reports, has high blood pressure. With such statements, Hoeneß maneuveres off, Ullmann said.

Ralf Moeller Known Hoeneß

Actor Ralf Moeller also turned into the debate. Of course, I understand that as a sausage manufacturer, the vegans do not like. But I personally am vegans for health and ecological reasons and because I have the greatest doubts about mass animal husbandry, the Hollywood star countered T-Online .

Nevertheless, Hoeneß is likely to be stuck in his opinion. Finally, the former manager of FC Bayern ruled over Vegan replacement products: I do not taste the stuff, because there is everywhere in it, which may not be in a Nuremberg Bratwurst, namely stabilizers and flavor enhancers.

At its upcoming 70th birthday, neither vegan nor vegetarian should come to the table.