FC Bayern: Hoeneß shoots against militant vegan

Already during his time as President of FC Bayern, Uli Hoeneß was known for clear opinions. Even at the age of 69, the ex-national player expresses itself to the current topics of football - and beyond. Now the native of Ulm has practiced hard criticism of vegans.

In conversation with the radio station radio station Antenne Bayern Hoeneß held a plea for a meaty diet. The waiver of animal products, on the other hand, rejects the founder of a sausage factory.

Vegetarian I accept a bit, vegan not at all because people will only be sick in the long run, is Hoeneß thesis. Instead, people should have fun while eating.

Uli Hoeneß vs Svezia Mondiali 1974

Because of this, Hoeneß would like to put meaty food in January at its upcoming 70th birthday. So the long-term face of FC Bayern promised his guests great food . Accordingly, neither vegan nor vegetarian should come to the table.

I do not taste the stuff

In any case, meat replacement products can not make anything. I do not taste the stuff, because there is everywhere in it, which is not allowed to be in a Nuremberg Bratwurst, namely stabilizers and flavor enhancers, said ex-managers about vegetarian articles.

Even people who want to convince him of a nutritional conversion got away from Hoeneß their fat. The problem is, they are militantly. If you are criticizing today, they attack you, Leather of the Munich Honorary President, but at the same time clearly stated, I do not bother me if someone is vegan or vegetarian, but he should me I am right to eat what I want.

In addition to his work as a footballer and long-term official of Bayern, Hoeneß founded a company for sausewards several decades ago, which was now taken over by his children.