Blizzard fires over 20 employees to scandal, represents 19 for equality

At Blizzard, a larger restructuring is currently taking place. According to reports, more than 20 employees have been released at the Macher byWorld of Warcraft, compared to 20 more disciplinary measures. In the same train new bodies are created for other departments.

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That s the situation:

Since July 2021 Activision Blizzard is entangled in a huge sexism scandal - the company should have maintained a toxic Frat Boy Culture Many well-known employees then left the studio, including the Blizzard Chief J. Allen Brack and most recently the Diablo-4 boss Luis Barriga Blizzard has since been working to combat internal abuses and gradually removes and after allusions to employees or sexual actions from the games Now we have become known that 20 other employees canceled and 19 new ones were set

What exactly happens at Blizzard? After the company is currently being cleaning up , 20 employees had to leave the company according to a report of the Financial Times (behind a Paywall, via

Already in July, the CEO Bobby Kotick announced that there will be dismissals.

Disciplinary measures had been initiated against 20 other employees. The actions followed the already numerous residents of other employees. Names were none called. There were even some executives have been terminated, but no one else from the board.

In an open letter Fran Townsend speaks, the chairman of internal affairs, of which 19 other places were created at the same time. These are located in the team for Ethics & Compliance , ie in the department for equality and corporate culture.

Which position you have - in case of misconduct we act

This says Blizzard: In the interview with the Financial Times, Townsend went to the measures to be enforced at Blizzard. There it says:

It does not matter which position you have or what your job is. If you are doing any misconduct or a team leader who tolerates a culture that does not fit our values, we will operate.

Townsend itself was already involved in the controversy in the past. As a former executive sponsor of the woman s network at Blizzard, she had evidently defended the company. 3,000 employees therefore demanded their resignation from this position, which they also announced shortly thereafter.

What is the current status? Since the beginning of the scandal, a number of well-known employees have left the company, apparently related to the allegations. Among them is the former boss of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack.

After the finish of Brack, a new leadership duo stepped to the top of Blizzard: Jen Oeal and Mike Ybarra are now responsible and stand for a completely new direction in equality.

Especially Ybara is considered popular in the WOW community, as he himself is a doped gamer. However, he also made himself a bit unpopular by his way.

In addition, Blizzard is currently working to remove several allusions from the games, such as McCree from Overwatch or suggested jokes from World of Warcraft. That does not matter well with all fans. You see it as a sign that is currently being worked on the wrong place. Also Meinmmo-Demon Corthyn does not find the current path completely correct:

To write about Blizzard and World of Warcraft is only a torment