Battlefield 2042: EA launches the criticism of the beta, remaining specialists

Electronic Arts is entered in a blog post (from Germany, apparently not yet achievable) to criticize the open October test run of the shooter Battlefield 2042 (from 53.99 € pre-order) (preview). During the open beta, we have received the feedback from some feedback that the specialists restrict the teamwork, and we want to address these concerns directly .

According to DICE, the stability has decided to love for a branch originating from August. In this way, however, important features would have been missing for the teamplay.

Some UI subtleties actually jumped into the eye and should not be missing in the final version. These include the large card or the CommonRose menu for fast team communication. In the final game, it should u.A. give clearer markers, identify the required healing or ammunition - and clearly truncated points for support actions such as the help of transport, the spawn or the equipment with ammunition that would still have missed in the beta.

The decision criticized by parts of the community for the almost freely configurable speciists did not deny EA. The figures reminiscent of shooter heroes have a given specialty and a feature . On the rest of the equipment, the player can kill around with pleasure.

We have heard you loud and clearly on the subject. The compilation of Squads is important, explains the manufacturer. In the Hazard Zone mode, it is aware of a little stricter and build on a coordinated team compilation: there there will be no duplicates of the same specialist in squad. In all-out warfare (ie the big multiplayer modes) you do not use the same restrictions.

The developers have been learned since Battlefield in 1942 that there is simply not fun if you could not focus on his strengths. In this area there have been many changes in the course of the series history. In Battlefield 2042, the players now enjoy the freedom to switch between specialists and loadouts that need to support their squad. In current builds of the game you also have mechanics that reinforced this effect.

In the area of ​​further changes, it was mentioned that orbital the number of available tanks of four are doubled to eight - at least screwed in the versions with a maximum of 128 players for PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. Also on the movement of the soldiers : This has added a punishment input to sliding and recently there is the possibility to swing on moving objects. In addition, the jump spamming was mitigated, an indicator of near grenades added and the elevators repaired so that they behave rarely crazy.

Furthermore, EA is a look at the last five specialist: inside waiting for the day of the day: Navi Rao, Santiago Dozer Espinoza, Emma Sundance Rosier, Ji-Soo Paik and Constantin Angel Anghel:

Battlefield 2042 will be available from November 19 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. Owners of the Digital Standard Edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S also gain access to the Title for Xbox One or Playstation 4. Any progress that is achieved on the previous console generation will be available at the previous console generation Transfer console upgrade to the current version.

Here are some more changes, which the developers have at least made up to the launch:

Changes We ve Already Committed to For Launch Coming Out of the Open Beta - From More Tanks on PC and the New Consoles, To Movement Changes, Grenade Indicator, Entry and Exit Animations, and more.

• User Interface (UI)

Big Map , AS WE ReinLinally, What Disabled For The Open Beta, But is in Our Builds Today. Commorose \ - in our Builds Today, Giving Players The Ability to Quickly Give Indication of Where You re at, And What You Need. Compass \ - to Ensure Players Are Best Equipped With The Right Tools To Communicate With The Right Squad, The Team Has Modified The Default Behavior of Compass That Appeared While Aiming Down at Sights. At Launch, This Will Always Remain On So Players Have The Ability to Easily Communicate With Theeir Squad of Nearby Dangers and Opportunities.

• Kill Log - This is now more readable with highlighted colors denoting friends or foe killed. There is also more appropriately sized messaging on the status of sectors and flag capture events. These changes help to prevent UI elements from diverting players’ attention away from the crosshairs, and the battlefield in front of them. • Colorblind Setting - Significant performance passes have been made to the colorbling settings to help support those with color deficiencies that were struggling to have the colors used across our UI properly distinguish themselves, and we’ll continue to take feedback on the application we have around this, and all of our final suite of accessibility options through live service. • Loadouts - These will be fully customizable; there will be a much bigger suite of tools available to players to help speed up the act of switching to different setups, getting them right back into the action. • Controller Players - We have already improved mapping in our final options suite that will provide players with better overviews of the controls and options that enable total controller mapping. • Chat - A new improvement coming to consoles is the ability for players to engage with Chat for the first time. With Battlefield 2042 being Cross-Platform, it’s important to sustain accessible options for communication.

Dive into the blog for more on the above, as well as improvements that tie into both Team and Squad Play, our Plus Menu, squad composition, End of Round (EOR) flow, IFF (the approach we take to ensure you can identify between friend and foe), and more...

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