[Audit of the state] Famous Country Certified Game Certificate ... We will review

On the 14th, the national auditor is a national black qualification, but it operates with a budget, but a game national technical qualification (game certificate) was a problem that is known to be virtually utility in the industry.

The Ministry of KIF s Gonor Jung-jin said, In the case of the Korean Content Agency (Cancer) (Cancer) (Cancer) (Cancer) (Cancer) (Condens), Korea (Condens) said. I was answered I had no request for coins I received an answer.

She said, He said, I have been in a budget of W2.6bn, but there is no demand, and the candidate is not to be helped to be helped in employment. As the game certificate is called significant cost spending , the game industry has argued that it is an old way of recruiting talent as a government certification because the technology trend is rapidly changing.

Joe Director is aware that it has been raised by many problems with the game certificate for this issue, said, If you have a system that can reflect the required ability, or there is no need for qualifications, I have been comprehensively reviewed,