Atmosphere Good Slow Life ADV Re: Legend Let s enjoy leisurely [Product version Prepress Repo]

Rune Factory (jap. ルーンファクトリー, Rūn Fakutorī) ist eine Rollenspiel-Serie von Neverland für Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PlayStation 3 und Nintendo Switch. Es ist ein Spin-off der Videospielserie Story of Seasons (ehem. Harvest Moon). Der Produzent der Harvest-Moon-Spiele, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, beschreibt Rune Factory als „Harvest Moon, in dem man ein Schwert führt“. In Deutschland wird die Rune-Factory-Serie von der Koch Media GmbH vertrieben.

It s already ...... Help me ....... When I m tired of such a real world, let s enjoy the slow life in the game, in this article, Magnus Games Studio has developed, 505 Games s Publisher, and the Official Release Schedule in November 2021 RE: Legend will be introduced.

This work is scheduled to be released for PC (Windows) / PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch, and STeam has already started early access from August 30, 2019. This time, thankfully, I had an opportunity to experience the full version for the PC in advance. Let s look at what kind of game is.

What is Re: Legend ?

This work will live as a main character who has lost memory on the city called Vokka Island (Vokka Town) Slow life game . There are various elements such as monsters, combat, agriculture, works, and cooking, and I think that there is already aware of it, but it is strongly affected by the ranch story and Rune Factory series. The author especially loves the Rune Factory series and was once to play to the i-mode application Rune Factory Gaiden Another Day .

Therefore, this work was designed for the character, interface, etc., especially the sense of the sense of BGM and the overall atmosphere. In addition, fine parameters are shaken in factors such as agriculture, battle, and training, and the collection element is full of collecting elements, so it is also a good impression that the width of the play experience becomes wide. There are also a challenging attempt to compatible with multiplayer functions, but in this article, I will focus on life in single play and introduce it.


This work supports keyboards & mice, controller, but it is somewhat difficult to operate. In the PC version played by the authors, although the controller can operate such as the movement and action of the character, the menu screen is moving the displayed mouse cursor with right stick operation and selecting . Actually, Keyboard & Mouse was very easy to play.

Besides that, the sense of operation was not able to play, even if it could not play, I received a good impression. For example, conversation with the character is assigned to Talk with the Talk . It is good so far, but only when the conversation choice is displayed, it will be selected by WASD and switched to the decision with the SPACE or ENTER key. Moreover, the line feed after the option is also a bit confusing to return to the F key ....

Of course this is also possible with mice, but personally it feels good if you do not need to unify the operating system. And although you can set it with a key configuration, it seems that the item you want does not see ...!

Also, if you click the icon in the play screen, you can call the menu, but this is also compatible and otherwise the reaction is broken. Other SHIFT keys do not react with the SHIFT key, or only when the option is opened from the title menu, the display and movement of the scroll bar are reversed ...... Anyway, I felt that these small stresses were stacked and played the tempo of play.

This Hen

Well, in this work, the game is out of game, and about 1 second has passed by one minute in the game time and 24 hours, and one season is past 28 days. And the four seasons will be a mechanism that one year will flow.

What I actually played is Unexpectedly the time is cut off. The main character gets up at 7 o clock in the morning and starts her action, but if you re going to go out. Moreover, she is fainted and she does not go to bed in bed by midnight, and she starts with her physical strength and stamina in half the next morning.

Therefore, it seems better to decide the setup of the day and move efficiently. Basically, the authors have always made them every day by turning around agriculture and combat and directly linked to earning. For some reason, the battle tends to use the number of days, such as the other party, especially if it is a quest of monster defeat system. Meanwhile, I do not do anything, and I have a bottom of life funds, and after all it affects the progress of the game.

There is a field in front of her home, and at first, it is unlimited by weeds and pebbles. This is the basis of farmers that you want to live and live with the material gets the head? (Self-made interpretation) . Create them and plow in a bowl, seed. After that, I take care of watering every day and wait for crops to grow ... Well harvested crops shipped and make money.

Money earned is a good idea to buy equipment and use it for upgrades. Personally, where I would like to be a hospital for working to work to the limit of the main character. In a sense, it may be the same play sense as the early stage of the influence source title. While aiming at the slow life, I will work and now work and horse mackerel.

By the way, I think that it is not bad to the operation of farming work. It is convenient to be able to recover items continuously by pressing the action key. It was easy because it was no longer needed to work with one square, and there was no need to operate one by one. If you say strong, thanks to the camera work that look down obliquely, the adjustment of the details of the front and rear and the left and right moves and directions is troublesome?

Anyway, if you work and work more and more, it would be better to improve your skills and work with multiple squares simultaneously or you can help you with caught monsters.

Speaking of skills, work and food will work in this way. It is a slight mini game such as button operation according to the timing of gauge. Since the process is required for the work, basically, it is basically repeated agriculture and battle, and it feels that it can be put on a good life cycle when the work is interrupted at the timing when the material is accumulated.

Oh no time, no matter how much time is over time, the main character who runs through the city. As it passes as a resident in that way, greetings and earn a good feeling. Even if you give any other favorite things, you can improve your preference, and thank you very much for your birthday information. If the favority is high, it s a love, marriage.

The residents move in the city with some routines and live their lives. If it is early in the morning, it may be interesting to observe and observe it because there is a difference in the daytime, at the end of the day, at home. The design that feels that the character actually lives is nice.

If you look at the map, you will know the positional relationship between stores and facilities on this island, decide and move a greeting route and move time. However, the map is a bit difficult to understand the connection of the road, so it may struggle to move until you get used to actual scenery.

It is translated whether it is translated from the source or something like that, but some characters are suddenly worse. Now, this work is compatible with Japanese, and I think that there is no kind and pattern of the content and patterns, but I think each person s personality is often displayed. So I m floating if the words of the rant class fly out ....

And I m worried about some characters, regardless of the store and the city, and if you put a voice, you can buy shopping on the spot. Moreover, even if it is raining, I was able to take a rest on an out-of-bench, so I felt that it was a world of rocking and a hub.

I touched a little at the beginning of the article, but I can receive quests in the city. Various types from those that are directly involved in the story, and even those affecting the favorable sensitivity of residents. Because some time limit, it may be good to receive all quests that can be received if possible.

In the sense that you can earn a reward quickly, it feels like it is handy that the quest of the defeat is properly. The monster is out of the city, and if defeated, the material drop is also done, so if you defeat it, you will get a nostalgic.

Let s introduce battle with this flow. Basic operations move with the WASD key, Rolling with SPACE, and switching of items is 1 to 0 keys. In addition, the attack is made with mouse click. Since monsters do not move to that time, this can be addressed if the timing is avoided, and the attack is repeated.

However, you must be careful at that time, Auto Target Function assigned to the mouse wheel button. This is a function to switch the direction of attack to either the front of the character or the position of the mouse cursor , and if you touch it completely in the timing of the next time, attack the direction of the day after tomorrow. It is also flying ....

I Tried Working Retail For A Day And SLOWLY WENT INSANE

In addition, since the recovery item etc. can be removed and eating the action to eat, it is also careful because it is a hospital that is stabbed with a hospital if you make a mistake in the timing.

In that sense, the presence of Magnus , which is a partner monster that can be used as a strength, even as a strategic, is large. As the main character, fine status is shaken, and further growing to evolve, so it seems that the elements such as the picture book comp can be enjoyed.

In particular, dracognuds that can be friends in the tutorial will be valuable budding. It is because it appears on the title screen even though it is. Both physical strength stamina were almost the same as the status of the protagonist, and it was good and good buddy and good buddy. Early operation of operation .

Moreover, the auto save will not be returning only at such times.

Somehow, speaking, it may be a level that released the received three family Pokemon. The subsequent combat is very struggling.

The tears huts that have become a null shell are likely to overflow their tears.

in conclusion

The small stress that I wrote at the beginning of the article is everywhere, but the atmosphere is totally looking at the atmosphere, and the feeling of the slow life game is out and personally preferable. It is not a good game speed of a hurry, so it may be better to enjoy with the resident of the city while gaining a crop with a resurgriot.